Nursery Information

Play and Equipment available include:

  • sexual and non sexual play
  • metal cot/toddlers bed/adult sized cot 
  • naps and overnight stays
  • bubble baths with water toys and AB towels
  • highchairs, bottles, pacifiers
  • dry nursing, baby food, toddler food
  • clothes, tutus, bibs, disposable diapers and cloth diapers
  • toilet training, potty
  • changing table, soft rugs and mats
  • sissy/sub/slave baby
  • treats and rewards, star chart
  • sun baking (nude in just a nappy)
  • public outings - library, pool, playground
  • car seat for car rides
  • rocking horse
  • puzzles, toys, books, music and dvds, coloring books, pencils, crayons, felt pens 
  • birthday parties and cakes
  • incest fantasies
  • wet and dirty nappy changing
  • enemas, laxatives, suppositories
  • interactive games i.e. hopscotch
  • forced hair brushing and hair cuts
  • discipline/punishments, cane, strap, belt, wooden spoon, wooden ruler, mouth washes, ear twisting and marching, time out, naughty chair, OTK spanking

Available Caregivers

We have 3 Caregivers available for sessions.  Mummy Morgan, Aunty Bridget and Big Sister Amy.  

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